Friday, September 9, 2011

dear future...

Dear Future Husband,

I don’t want to be your girlfriend. I just want to be the one you call your wife. Your presence will me happiness. You’ll be my halal prince charming. Riding your horse of Taqwa. Holding onto the Quran in your right hand and the Sunnah in your left. I hear you’re worth the wait, so Ill wait Insha’Allah. My heart belongs to no one, I just thought I should let you know. It belongs to Allah SWT and only Him. You’ll have to get lost in Him to find me and even then you’ll still have to rightfully become apart of my heart. Only through Him though. I hope you’re up for the journey.
I know I am.
Your Truly.

Dear Future Wife...

People ask me why I don’t do girlfriends. Because when I settle down. It’s going to be to ONE girl and I’m giving her the WORLD. And I’m not quite ready for that. So if you’re out there. I hope to one day find and meet you and prove to myself that good guys don’t always finish last. Love,
your future. ♥
-your future husband-

~rabbana hablana minazwajina, wa zurriyatina qurrata a'yun, waj al na lil muttaqi na i mama~

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